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BOPPP Collaborators’ Meeting – 6th Oct 2022

The first all-inclusive BOPPP collaborators meeting took place on Thursday 6th October 2022, in London. It was very well attended with representatives from over 15 UK sites (including Belfast).

Some snippets from the meeting shared below:

Dr Mark McPhail (KCH PI) and Ane Zamalloa (KCH RN) with an active BOPPP participant, Justin Bennett, asking and answering questions relating to the personal experiences of a typical BOPPP patient
Ane Zamalloa, KCH RN, sharing a Research Nurse perspective
Dr Mark McPhail, Chief Scientific Investigator, going through the operational aspects of the biological sub-study, MBOP.
Dr Hassan Jafari, Trial Statistician, sharing blinded trial data collected as of Sep 2022
Dr Mark McPhail, Allison Lloyd, Ruhama Uddin, Heather Lawther, Dr Vishal Patel
Chief Scientific Investigator, Belfast RN, Trial Manager, Belfast RN, Chief Investigator
(Left to Right)