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Qualitative Research with Patients

The qualitative components of the study have now been completed and the findings are being written up for publication.

We are conducting interviews with patients who are eligible to take part in the BOPPP Trial. You do not need to agree to take part in the trial to be invited for an interview. We want to hear your reasons for choosing whether or not to take part in BOPPP.

Why are we interviewing patients?

We want to interview people who have been approached to take part in the BOPPP Trial to understand your reasons for participating, or not participating, in the research. We want to ask you about your experience of the recruitment process and the perceived benefits and disadvantages of taking part in the trial, in order to find out if the study procedures are acceptable. Our overall aim is to improve how we structure the recruitment process, how we present  information about the trial, how we address the concerns of prospective participants and how we support those who go on to participate in the trial itself. We are interested in your experience and views on the BOPPP Trial regardless of whether you agreed or declined to participate in the research. 

What will the interview involve?

You will be invited to take part in a telephone or face to face interview, depending on your preference, with a researcher to share your experiences and thoughts of the BOPPP Trial. The interview will involve an informal discussion with the researcher where you will be offered the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences. With your consent, the interview will be audio-recorded in order to capture all of your experiences accurately. Your responses will remain confidential. We expect that each interview will last between 30-60 minutes.

I am a patient, can I take part?

Yes. You can take part if you are a patient who is eligible to take part in the BOPPP Trial. You do not have to agree to take part in the trial to be able to take part in the interview. We are keen to hear your views. Please let your research nurse know if you have any questions or would like to take part.

Link to Qualitative Patient Information Sheet